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Coach's Notes

Weekend Schedule 2/21

The indoor season is winding down!! Here is what this weekend has in store:

Good luck to the U14 Panthers who are headed down to Spooky Nook this weekend for the NIT.
First game is 2:45PM on Friday; please meet in the lobby of Spooky Nook by 1:30.
Link to the full schedule and more details is here.

NO training in Mansfield.

All teams in Boston are off EXCEPT the following who will be at the CAFHC Invitational II:

Jackals I (First game 9:30 AM)
Jackals II (First game 9:30 AM)
Lions (First game 9:55)
Tigers (First game 10:20)
USA (First game 10:45)
Spain (First game 1:40)
Belgium (First game 1:40)
Argentina (First game 1:15)
** This was a switch and REPLACES the 3/5 tournament at SMITH
Blue (First game 2:30)
Green (First game 2:55)
Red (First game 5:25)
Grey (First game 5:00)

Full Schedule CAFHC II Team Master Schedule 2

Holland you are OFF on 2/21 but WILL be at Smith on 3/5

U10 Worcester has their LAST training at the regular scheduled time!

This is a full weekend! Good luck to all teams and thank you for your commitment to Cape Ann!