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Coach's Notes

Weekend of 2/11

This is a busy weekend with our tournament at MIT on 2/11.

U14 Panthers and non-rostered GK in the GKA you have the weekend OFF!

Here is the schedule for all other teams at MIT.

Here are the details for your tournament at MIT on 2/11. The address is MIT Rec Center, 120 Vassar St, Cambridge MA. Please arrive 40 minutes ahead of time with your full uniform and tournament fee in cash or check made out to Cape Ann FHC. There is no waiver.

920AM Court 2 FHCC v Jackals

1015AM Court 3 Jackals v eXplosion

1100AM Court 3 Extreme v Jackals

1150AM Court 2 Jackals v Hawks

1035 Court 2 Tigers v FHCC

1125 Court 3 Tigers v Crusaders

1215 Playoff TBD

105 Playoff TBD

12:40 Court 2 CA Holland FHCC B

1:30 PM Court 1 CA Holland Cape Cod 1

245 OM Court 3 CA Holland v NEE White

4:00 PM Court 2 CA Holland FHCC C

220 Court 3 FHCC A CA USA

335 Court 3 CA USA Cahira

450 Court 2 Bobcats CA USA

540 Court 1 CA USA Wizards Gold


310 Court 2 WCUFHA 2 CA Argentina

425 Court 2 CA Argentina Wizards Black

515 Court 3 CA Argentina FHCC D

630 Court 1 CA Argentina Cape Cod 2

310 Court 1 CA Spain Wizards Black

452 Court 3 Cape Cod 2 CA Spain

515 Court 1 CA Spain WCUFHA 2

630 Court 2 CA Spain FHCC D

605PM Court 2 CA Black Wizards Gold

720PM Court 3 CA Black WCUFHA 1

810PM Court 2 NEE Green CA Black

900PM Court 1 Huskies CA Black


655PM Court 3 Eagles CA Blue

745PM Court 2 Cape Cod CA Blue

835PM Court 2 CA Blue WCUFHA 2

925PM Court 3 CA Blue Wizards Black