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Coach's Notes

Weekend of March 4th

We are into our last weekend of the indoor season, and we have many teams competing this weekend!

Our U14 Panthers will be down at Spooky Nook at the NIT.

Friday 745PM Court 7 Cape Ann Panthers v Panthers U Royal
Saturday 230PM Court 2 LIFT Nifty Narwhals v Cape Ann Panthers
Saturday 830PM Court 3 Cape Ann Panthers v The Gaels Wexford
Sunday 1130AM Court 6 East S Warriors v Cape Ann Panthers
Sunday 445PM Court 4 Cape Ann Panthers v NXT

The event is taking place at Spooky Nook Sports
2913 Spooky Nook Rd.
Manheim, PA 17545

The address to put into the GPS is
75 Champ Blvd.
Manheim, PA 17545

There is a daily parking fee, however you can buy a weekend pass. They do allow outside food/drink except for water. There is a concession area, and there is a restaurant in the attached hotel. Here is a link to their web page for more information (specifically the directions portion of the site).

Please plan to arrive 75 minutes ahead of your first game on Friday in the lobby of the complex.

Smith College 3/4

7:00AM Jackals v WTB Field 1
8:00AM Jackals v Nomads Field 3
9:00AM Jackals v FC United White Field 3
10:00AM Jackals v FC United Red Field 2
11:00AM Jackals v Tsunami Field 2

7:30AM CA Yellow v CARed Field 1
8:30AM CA Yellow v Strikers Field 3
9:30AM Seekers White v CA Yellow Field 3
10:30AM CA Yellow v Seekers Black Field 3
11:30AM Boston Tigers v CA Yellow Field 2

7:30AM CA Yellow v CARed Field 1
8:30AM Boston Tigers v CARed Field 1
9:30AM CARed v Seekers Black Field 1
10:30AM CA Red v Strikers Field 2
11:30AM CA Red v Seekers White Field 3

12PM CA Tigers v FC United Black Field 1
1PM CA Tigers v Tsunami Field 3
2PM CA Tigers v Nomads Teal Field 2
3PM CA Tigers v Boston Wildcats Field 2
4PM CA Tigers v  Element Field 1

5PM CA Spain v Seekers Alpha Field 1
6PM Boston Falcons v CA Spain Field 2
7PM CA Spain v Strikers Field 3
8PM Elements v CA Spain Field 2
9PM Boston Minuteman v  CA Spain Field 1

5:30PM CA Argentina v Seekers Omega Field 1
6:30PM CA Argentina v Belchertown Field 2
7:30PM Seekers Delta v CA Argentina Field 3
8:30PM CA Argentina v Boston Blue Field 2
9:30PM Boston Crimson v  CA Argentina Field 1

Arrive 30 minutes before your first game!