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Coach's Notes

Tournament Schedule for 12/11

Here is this Sunday’s Schedule for the Hockey Holiday Tournament at American International College

Hockey Holiday 12/11 @ American International College, Springfield, MA (125 Courtland Street, Springfield, MA)

Arrive 30 minutes prior to your first game with your signed waiver. Please make sure to have your Cape Ann uniform (both tops), black and white socks, indoor glove indoor stick.



Court 2            8:00AM-8:53AM       Element v Panthers

Court 2            9:52AM-10:45AM     Element v Panthers




Court 1            8:56AM-9:21AM       USA v EA Titanium

Court 2            11:16AM-11:41AM   HTC v USA

Court 1            11:44AM-12:09PM    USA v WCU 1

Court 2            1:08PM-1:33PM         USA v MM Black



Court 1           9:52-10:17                   Holland v EA Chromium

Court 1            10:48AM-11:13PM    Holland v WCU 2

Court 1            12:12-12:37PM           HTC v Holland

Court 1            12:40-1:05PM             Holland v MM White




Court 2            12:40PM-1:05PM       Black v EA Kryptonite

Court 1            2:04PM-2:29PM         Black v MM Black

Court 2            2:32PM-2:57PM         Black v EA Mercury

Court 1            3:28PM-3:53PM         Black v WCU 1



Court 1            1:36PM-2:01PM         MM White v Blue

Court 2            2:32Pm-2:57PM         Black v Blue

Court 2            3:56PM-4:21PM         Blue v WCU 2

Court 2            5:02PM-5:27PM         HTC v Blue

Hockey Holiday Schedule