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2016 National Indoor Tournament

2016 National Indoor Tournament

1 Mar

Zoe Mahoney

YOG: 2019

High School: Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School
Position: Fwd
Years on Varsity: 1

As a Freshman
2016 U16 National Indoor Tournament – Pool N
2016 U16 National Indoor Qualifier – 6th Place – Siena College
2016 U19 National Indoor Qualifier – Mount Holyoke, MA
2015 U16 Shooting Star Tournament – 1st Place – Pool E
2015 U16 4Goals Tournament – 3rd place – Brown University

As an Eighth Grader
2015 Regional Futures Tournament – Umass Lowell

1 Mar

Leah Pinkes

YOG: 2019

High School: Wachusett High School
Position: Forward
Years on Varsity: 1
Coach: Kerry Berry
HS Coach Contact:


Cape Ann Team: U16 USA
Cape Ann Coach: Meg Bozek

As a Freshman
2016 U16 National Indoor Tournament – Pool N
2016 U19 National Indoor Qualifier – Pottstown, PA
2016 U16 National Indoor Qualifier – 6th Place – Loundonville, NY
2015 Wachusett High School varsity field hockey team member

As an Eighth Grader
2015 U14 Regional Club Championship (Regions 1-4) – 4th Place – Qualified for Club Challenge 



29 Feb

Colin Hennessey

29 Feb

Colleen Francis

High School: Acton-Boxborough Regional High School, Acton, MA

As a Senior

2016 U19 National Indoor Tournament – 3rd Place – Pool H

2016 U19 National Indoor Qualifier – 4th Place – Mount Holyoke, MA

2015 U19 Shooting Star Tournament – Pool F

2015 MA State Champion