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U16 Training Program

U16 Training Program

Cape Ann’s Travel program is chalk full of hockey training and tournaments. Below you will find all the basic information you will need to sign up and plan for your hockey within our Travel Program!

Interested in trying out for the Travel Program?

2019-2020 Travel Program

What to know...

We take pride in our Travel program we offer at Cape Ann FHC. This program is for the player who want to play FH year round, commit to a winning culture and learn how to grow into a leader, a team player and a confident hockey player. You will be asked to commit to our Travel program for the Winter, Spring & Fall (November-June; September-November)

If this is not something you can commit to due to time or financial constraints, or your goals don’t align with our Travel program, we encourage you to check out our Academy program instead, less commitment all around, yet the same hockey experience!

You will be expected to attend BOTH team selections on Nov 3rd and Nov 10th, if for some reason you can’t make one or either, please email club Director Chris Pothier at

U16 Black ROSTER

Kathryn Guertin

Abby Antonelli

Elle Murray

Allyson Foley

Lily Johnson

Abby Hennessey

Lily Zavras

Maggie Dowd

Gianna Yordanopolous

Lily Turenne

Brie Dwyer

Sophia Orr

Chloe Kalp

Rose Grenache

Alex Mesucci

Sofia Jacobsen

Kate Burgess (GK)

Caroline Lambert (GK)

What to Know...Travel Program
  • We want commitment
  • Costs aren’t increasing, we are just lumping training and tournaments into an Annual fee (less check writing each week etc)
  • If you aren’t selected into our Travel teams, our Academy has added length to its seasons, optional tournaments & the same coaching staff!
  • We want players who strive to be the best, who will work hard even when no-one is looking.
U16 Black SPRING Training Dates, Times & Tournaments

Tuesday Nights @ 7:30-9:00pm

May 26 – Zoom Session 4:30-5:30pm

June 2 – Zoom Session 4:30-5:30pm

June 9 @ Sudbury Field House 31 Union Ave Sudbury MA

June 16 @ Sudbury Field House 31 Union Ave Sudbury MA

June 23 @ Sudbury Field House

June 30 @ Sudbury Field House

July 7 @ Sudbury Field House

July 14 @ Sudbury Field House

Thursday Nights @ 7:30-9:00pm

May 28 – Zoom Session 4:30-5:30pm

June 4 – Zoom Session 4:30-5:30pm

June 11 @ Sudbury Field House 31 Union Ave Sudbury MA

June 18 @ Sudbury Field House 31 Union Ave Sudbury MA

June 25 @ Sudbury Field House

July 2 @ Sudbury Field House

July 9 @ Sudbury Field House

July 16 @ Sudbury Field House

What to Know....FALL
  • Fall begins Sunday after Labor Day weekend, goes through end of October 2020.
  • Attending to the 2020 Shooting Star event is expected for ALL players in Travel team, except graduated seniors, obviously.
  • Shooting Star is an included fee in your annual membership
  • Expect to arrive in Richmond Wednesday prior’s rtf Thanksgiving Day and depart Sunday after 4pm.
Information about Selections

Join our family! Let us shape your young daughter or son into future student athlete leaders! Please email Chris Pothier for more information on our selections process –