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Travel Team Program

Travel Team Program

Cape Ann’s Travel Team:

Cape Ann FHC is dedicated to providing an environment where our players can reach their hockey potential. Helping them get into an appropriate college is of top priority, but not our only priority. Developing a well rounded, determined & focused future potential student athlete is also a goal of this club. Players are selected into the Travel program at the beginning of our calendar year (October-November) during our selection period for indoor field hockey. Players selected into our Travel Program must commit to an Annual Membership. This gives us the ability to return commitment to the player over the course of 12-months. The summer programming we offer is NOT included in the annual membership cost.

Players selected into our Travel Program each season will be emailed their registration form.

The annual payment will be split into 4 payment dates:

Players who are not selected into the Travel Program will be placed into our Academy Program…LEARN MORE here!

Indoor Selections November 4th and 11th

U12-U14 8-930AM

U16 930-11:45AM

U19 11:45-2:00 PM

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Winter – National Indoor Tournament (Based upon NIQ placement ):

We select for our indoor teams at the end of October- Beginning of November. Depending on the age group, we select ONE U12, TWO U14, THREE U16 & THREE U19 teams. All U16 &U19 will attend an NIQ and both U14 teams will be assigned the NIT in February. Our main goal during our Indoor (Winter) Hockey Season is to qualify as many teams to the National Indoor Tournament as possible. This turns out to be another national showcase for our qualified teams. Upon qualification at a regional tournament in January. Teams will be expected to travel to Lancaster, PA either U12/U14 End of February, U19 1st Weekend of March or U16, 2nd Weekend of March, where they will play Friday-Sunday and fight for the right to wear the coveted NIT Gold Medal.

**Additional Tournament Cost**

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