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Shooting Star Showcase

Shooting Star Showcase

We have committed to the Shooting Star Showcase in Richmond VA because of the proximity to our region, keeping cost of travel down & for the fact the the majority of college coaches will be attending this showcase. Being on the east coast, allows for many smaller schools to attend this showcase compared to the costs of getting to Palm Springs!


The SHOOTING STAR is created to provide more local and affordable competition for club teams and others teams who want to compete over Thanksgiving weekend. College coaches will be invited to attend the SHOOTING STAR. Our partners Coach Packet, Recruit Spot, Touchline Video, First Scout Video and AES will be providing services for college coaches, players, and team coaches to make your SHOOTING STAR experience fun, competitive and worthwhile.

River City Sportsplex – Midlothian, VA (Greater Richmond area)

Tournament Starts Friday November 24th through Sunday November 26th

U14 Panthers – 5 games 7v7
U19 Black – 5 games 11v11

U14 will Roster 9 Field Players & 2 GK per team

U19 will Roster 16 Field Players & 2 GK per team

**All players must arrive for Wednesday night**

Tournament Fee – $900
INCLUDES: Fall Play Dates, Player Thanksgiving Dinner, Tournament Warm Up Shirt, Tournament Games & Mandatory Player Hotel Room (4 nights, 4 Players per room)
DOES NOT INCLUDE: Travel arrangements, Uniform ($100) & Parent/Family T-Day Dinner (~$40), Fall Skills Training (Mandatory Commitment to this Season $350; Exceptions being our CT based players due to CIAA rules)

Fall Tournaments & Practices
2 Fall Play Dates week(s) leading up to Showcase

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U14 Panthers Roster



U14 Panthers Shooting Star Play Dates & Times



U19 Black Roster


U16 & U19 Shooting Star Play Dates & Times