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Coach's Notes

January 14-15th Schedule

Congrats to the teams who qualified for the NIT. We are looking forward to a busy month of hockey!

Saturday January 14th Bell Tournament @ SMITH
Directions link: //

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your game. You will need your reversible, uniform (if you have received) and both black and white socks. Please also bring the waiver attached to your email.

U14 Lions:
730AM Field 3 Dis FH # 1 v Cape Ann Tigers
830 AM Field 1 Cape Ann v Tigers v Cahira
930 AM Field 1 Cape Ann Tigers v GSE
1030 AM Field 2 Cape Ann Tigers v Boston FHC
Playoff TBD latest being a 2PM start

U16 Spain
300PM Field 1 Boston FHC 1 v Cape Ann Spain
530PM Field 2 Cape Ann Spain v Cahira FH
700 PM Field 1 Cape Ann Spain v Nomads
800 PM Field 3 Belchertown FH v Cape Ann Spain
900 PM Field 2 Cape Ann Spain v GSE #2

U16 Argentina
330PM Field 1 Boston FHC v Cape Ann Argentina
630PM Field 2 Seekers v Cape Ann Argentina
730 PM Field 2 Cape Ann Argentina v Nyconn FH
830 PM Field 1 GSE v Cape Ann Argentina
930 PM Field 1 Cape Ann Argentina v Boston FHC 3

U19 Yellow
100PM Field 1 Cape Ann Yellow v GSE #1
200 PM Field 3 Cape Ann Yellow v Boston FHC 1
330PM Field 3 Cape Ann Yellow v Seekers
Play off time TBA latest start 5PM

U19 Red
130PM Field 1 Boston FHC 2 v Cape Ann Red v GSE #1
300 PM Field 2 Nomads v Cape Ann Red
400PM Field 3 GSE #2 Cape Ann Red
Play off time TBA latest start 5PM

Training Sunday 1/15
8-930AM U10Bears, U12 Jackals, U14 Lions, GKA
930-1130 U14 Panthers, U14 Tigers, U16 Argentina, GKA
1130-130 U16 USA, U16 Holland, U16 Spain, GKA
130-330 U19 Black, U19 Blue, U19 Yellow, GKA
330-5 U19 Red, U16 Australia