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Coach's Notes

FH Recruits Subscription 2015-2016 Deadline Dec 20th

We offer a unique platform to help guide you along your journey, along with the personal connection of our recruiting director, Emily Cannon. We use Field Hockey Recruits! vs NCSA Recruiting Platforms

I asked our FHRecruits account manager the other day, what is the difference between you and them (NCSA)..this is what he said.

“FieldHockeyRecruits and NCSA are two very different services.  At its core, NCSA is a recruiting service–they send scouts to evaluate players and those scouts determine what schools they think are a good fit for your player.  As a former college coach myself, I can attest to NCSA and similar services sending me unwanted messages about players that were not on my radar and would likely never be a good fit at the school.

The FieldHockeyRecruits platform, on the other hand, is not a recruiting service.  We provide the tools for athletes and club coaches to navigate the recruiting process.  Players can message any college coach in the country with the click of a button–but we will never send a message on their behalf or promote their profile to a college.  Club coaches can search for schools they know will be a good fit for their player based on the personal relationship s/he has with that player and their family.  Players can do the same, and find schools based on a variety of criteria they’re able to update and adjust–rather than relying on an algorithm to suggest schools to them.”

As you can see, there is a big difference and a HUGE difference in COST. NCSA with a recruiting video from 1 tournament and a membership is $1400!

This FH Recruits Platform is much more in line with our philosophy at Cape Ann FHC and
with a Club Membership, is only $100 a year.

Here is what I need from you all:   DEADLINE December 20th

1. Annual Members – Sophomore-Senior year (unless committed) we are going to add you to our membership roster automatically, as this is covered in your Annual Membership for Cape Ann FHC.

2. Non-Annual Members –
– Please email Chris Pothier that you want a FH Recruits
subscription starting this December through December 2016.
– Include : First, Late Name, preferred email & Year of Graduation in your response.
– Please bring $100 check made to Cape Ann FHC at your next indoor practice, submit to
either Chris or your indoor coach.

3. If you are 1 or 2, once I submit our roster, you will receive further information from FH Recruits directly with more information on Profiles etc.

It is really this simple. – Confirm with Chris -Submit Info to Chris – Pay $100 (If needed)

Happy Recruiting! We will begin to send out information on College Recruiting over the course of the winter!