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Coach's Notes

Club Field Hockey League – Write Up Night #1

Our U10/U12 players enjoyed their weekly clinic!


U10/U12 Clinic
Although we do not have league games for our U10 and U12 athletes we have introduced weekly mini hockey games for our athletes. During their hour on the turf the girls hone their skills and get some game play with 3v3 and 4v4 style games.

U14 Division
Our U14 Division consists of the Lions, Tigers, and Spiders. The first U14 game featured the Lions v the Tigers while the Spiders had the night off.

Lions (1) v Tigers (1)
It was a well fought game on both sides and the scored proved it, ending in a 1-1 tie. Goals were scored by Eliza Shamah & Caroline Bruce. Tiger’s GK Katie DeVincent ended the night with 5 saves and Lion’s GKs Ava Bottone (3) and Paige Sanville (2) combined for 5 as well. This leaves Lions and Tigers tied for 1st place with one point a piece and the Spiders in 3rd with zero points. Next week’s game features the Tigers v Spiders at 6pm on field 2A. Whoever wins this game will move in to first place!

U16 Division
Our U16 division features four Cape Ann teams – Panthers, Holland, Belgium, and Australia. Last night featured the Panthers v Holland on Field 2 and Belgium v Australia on Field 3.
Panthers (2) v Holland (1)
The game was back and forth but Holland struck early in the 2nd half with a goal from Leah Pinkes off a penalty corner to put her team up 1-0. Play continued with the Panthers gaining momentum and with 10 minutes left in the game Nora Louder was able to find the back of the net off a shot 5 yards out to make the score 1-1. The game looked as though it would finish as a tie until Molly Vinton snuck a goal past GK Maggie Callender with under a minute to play to give the Panthers the 2-1 victory. Callender finished with 10 saves on the night for Holland while Panthers GKs Erin McGuinness (4 saves), Vivien Stringfellow (2 saves, 1GA), and Paige Sanville (0 saves) combined for 6 stops.
Belgium (0) v Australia (2)
Australia dominated the game, taking 15 shots and scoring 2 goals while giving up 0 shots. Both of Australia’s goals came from Freshman Jane Bonnazolli in the first half. Belgium’s goalkeeper Izzy Anton finish the night with 13 saves and 1 goal against while Australia’s GK Sami Porter has 0 saves and 0 goals against.
U19 Division
Our U19 Division features three teams – USA, Grey, and Blue. With three teams in total two will play a night with the third team being off.
Grey (1) v Blue (3)
The Blue team came out on top in the first ever CFHL game. Congrats to senior Claire Hampsch of the Blue team who scored the first goal of the CFHL! She led her team to a 3-1 victory over the Grey team, scoring her goal in the first minute of play off a rebound from Grey GK Darci Rota to make the score 1-0. Rachel Wade answered 4 minutes later by beating Blue keeper Stephanie Stone one on one to tie the game 1-1. The game was tied going in to the second half. Blue team members Emily Ledoux and Julianne Sacco secured the victory by each scoring once in the second half to make the final score 3-1. Grey Goalkeeper Darci Rota finished with 9 saves and 3 goals against while Blue GK Stephanie Stone had 5 saves and 1 goal against.
1. Please email Meg Bozek at by the Monday (two days before) your game if you cannot attend.
2. Check in with our Admin at the table when you first arrive!
3. The club will be selling CA gear at the admin table. We will have samples of all items and sizes we have left in our inventory. You will order them through the admin table and we will bring you your order the following Wednesday night of play. Please contact our Admin at if you have any questions!
Thank you to the staff and parents for allowing this night of hockey to take place! For our first night EVER we thought it ran quite well! Congrats to all who participated and we will see you this weekend for practice!