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Coach's Notes

A Club & College Coach’s Perspective on Recruiting Part 2

My Friends…

As promised in PART 1, I want to give you a few examples of emailing college coaches & some tips to go by as you attempt to contact your list of school.

Tip #1- DO NOT mass email college coaches. Ever. Period.

Tip #2- Personalize each email to the specific coach and or program you are writing to. “Dear Coach…I am interested in your school”…does not sound like you are interested in my school or program, at all.

Tip #3- Keep it short & sweet.

Tip #4- Attach a profile and or highlight video, do not write out your profile & that you received a pat on the back from your 5th grade art teacher for drawing a cat.

Tip #5- Here is a good highlight video, Thanks to the Conlin Family.

Festival Email Timeline-
By November 1st- First emails out to all college coaches with expressed interest
By November 20th- Second emails out with Festival schedules & details
By December 7th- Third emails out for follow up feedback post Festival

Below you will find THREE sample emails. I feel that letter #3 is comprehensive enough, as long as you want to go. Email #1 & #2 are short & sweet, enough to get the ball rolling with the process.


Part 3- Will be more random tips & if anyone has ANY FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS you WANT ANSWERED, please do not hesitate to email


Email #1

Hi Coach Pothier,
My name is Blah Blah and I am in my 3rd year of Varsity Field Hockey at BLAH BLAH High School in BLAH BLAH, NY. My team won the NYS Class A State Championships against BLAH BLAH East last year. I have also been playing in the INSERT NAME OF CLUB Field Hockey Club for the indoor and outdoor seasons with the UNIVERSITY Coaching Staff for four years. I am very interested in attending Worcester State University. I would be happy to send you my field hockey game schedule for the upcoming season if you would like. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,
Blah Blah


Email #2

Hello coach Pothier,
My name is Blah Blah and I will be entering my senior at Blah High School this fall and am very interested in Worcester State University. My brother will be entering his sophomore year there this fall and also plays for the sport team. I have also been to the CLUB Camp located there last July and will be playing in CLUB summer league at Worcester State this summer.
This upcoming season will be my second as Varsity captain and I also play for Blah club team and have played basketball and softball and am very involved in my school’s academics and extracurriculars. I will be attending the New England Premier Showcase this upcoming weekend of June 14th-15th and I noticed that WSU was not on the list of colleges attending but I just wanted to double check to make sure. I am also hoping to schedule a campus tour over the summer and I was wondering if you had any ideas on a good time I could come and hopefully get a chance to meet you. I also attached my player profile.

Blah Blah


Email #3

Dear Coach Pothier,
My name is Blah Blah, I am a senior at Blah Blah Regional High School, on Cape Cod. I will be attending the national field hockey festival this year in Florida and extend a request for you to see me play and to meet you.

I am a defensive player and have played for Blah club and Dennis Yarmouth, my high school, for the past four years. I am interested in Worcester State to play field hockey and for the academics you offer. My goal is to pursue a career in speech pathology or athletic training and my passion is field hockey.

I am a member of the National Honor Society and I have received my Girl Scout gold award by teaching and designing a field hockey clinic in my community. This year I am also the editor of the schools yearbook. In the past I have participated in Disney showcase 2011, Festival 2011 Gold Champions, Disney Showcase 2012, Festival 2012, Disney 2013 4th place medalists. Most recently with my high school team I was a full time starter and was never taken out of a varsity game over the past two years. Our team went 17-1-2 in the regular season and made it to the MIAA South Division 1 Semi-Finals game.

I will be playing on the on the U19 Blah black:
Date: Time: Field: Opponent:
Thursday November 28, – 11:30 am 21. BCFHC – ST Storm
Thursday November 28, – 3:30 pm 13. Alley Cats
Friday November 29, – 7:30 am 30. FC United Red
Friday November 29, – 10:30 am 26. Souderton Strikers
Saturday November 30, – 11:30 am. 13. Windy City Fire
Saturday November 30, – 1:30 pm. 24. San Jose Fly