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Coach's Notes

A Club & College Coach’s Perspective on Recruiting PART 1

My friends…

The recruiting process is becoming what some call as a “daunting” task & it can be described as intimidating, at times. Though some are not far off on their assessment, it is important to note that YOU, the player & family, are in the drivers seat.

So…it is 2014, we are midway through our HS season, many of us are tuning up for the National Hockey Festival over Thanksgiving weekend & others are on a different approach, more regional and or local search area for the RIGHT college program.

Below are some quick tips & a basic timeline on where we need to be based on your Year of Graduation…

Allie R
Allie Renzi (BU Class of 2018), her senior year at Holderness

HS Class of 2015-

Scramble…you are WAY behind the 8-ball. Kidding. Relax, breathe, it is all going to work out. Many D1 programs have wrapped up their 2015 class by this point, not to worry, there are 79 D1 schools in this country, many of them HAVE NOT. Have a look on and find the D1 Ratings, look at the lower D1 schools & reach out to see how they are looking, you will surprise yourself at how many are still filling spots.

Make sure you have at least taken a tour of these schools & or visited them on your own or with the coach by your side.

If you are keen on D2/D3 programs, my suggestion would be to write the schools you plan to apply too, and send them your game schedule and or your recruiting video you made! YAY, LOOK AT YOU GO! Here at Worcester State University, we are actively seeking out 2015 graduates, getting them on campus & for D3, inviting kids on an overnight if we are interested. There is still HOPE!

Moral of the story…you are NOT TOO LATE! There are 79 D1, 24 D2 & 138 D3 programs in this country, plenty of hockey spots, you just need to seek them out!

HS Class of 2016-

Your junior year…oh the pressure, “It’s all about your JUNIOR year”….

1. Get to as many colleges as you an so figure out what you like in the SCHOOL & ACADEMICS.
2. Search for the schools you are interested in based off your criteria (distance, size, cost, academia etc)
3. Write each school INDIVIDUALLY, do not BLANKET email your list with “Dear Coach…I am interested in your program…blah blah blah”. College coaches do indeed want to feel that their recruits WANT to be apart of their program and aren’t just fishing for whoever seeks interest back.
4. Create a skills & highlights video…Email Coach Pothier if you want help and or an idea on how to get started,
5. Train…train…train. If you work hard at getting better, it will greatly help how you showcase. Do not over showcase.
6. Ask for an honest assessment from your HS and Club coach at where they think you should look, D1, D2 and or D3. Here at Cape Ann FHC, we are very HONEST with this evaluation, not all players are built for D1 hockey and scholarships are extremely hard to come by…more on this later.

Repeat after me…” It will all work out in the end”. Now say it….and say it again. Junior year may be important, but it is not MAKE or break here, everything happens for a reason and if you work hard, put the time into the process, you will be rewarded in the end, it will works out in the end!

HS Class of 2017-

Your sophomore year is where you start to seek out schools, in a more general sense. If you are a top D1 caliber player, you will most likely know it by this year as coaches will be talking to your club and or HS coach, seeking out more information. Remember, D1 programs can’t contact sophomores via email or phone.

Have fun & remember, college is 3+ years away! A lot can happen in those 3 years, so before you get caught up in this process too quick & too soon, your focus should be having fun playing & getting better are your core fundamentals that you hope to rely on the next years of your career.

HS Class of 2018-

Get comfortable with showcasing and building up a strong mental capacity to handle a college coach on your sidelines. Remembers, it is not the mistakes you make that matter, it is how you deal with them that really turns a coaches head.


Cape Ann FHC Class of 2020…SMILE!

In Part 2…I will cover more details of the above statements…

1. What a proper email to a college coaches should look like
2. What a proper highlight video looks like
3. More specific pre-showcase tournament timeline

Until then…ENJOY, SMILE & remember….coaches remember a happy recruit!