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Coach's Notes

CFHL First week of playoffs June 15th @ Worcester State University

Wednesday 6/15 Play off Schedule:

The spring season is quickly nearing the end! Cape Ann extends its gratitude to each and every one of you who made this inaugural season a success. We look forward to building on what we have established in the years to come!

We are excited to announce the seeds for playoffs for CFHL on Wednesday, June 15th at Worcester State University. Below are the final placings of the teams in each Division and their schedule moving forward.

U14 Division
1 Lions (2-1-1)
2 Tigers (2-1-1)
3 Spiders (1-3)

Bye Lions
5pm #2 Tigers v #3 Spiders

5pm #1 Lions v Winner (Tigers v Spiders)

U16 Division
1 Panthers (4-0-1)
2 Australia (2-1-2)
3 Belgium (1-3-1)
4 Holland (1-4)

6pm #1 Panthers v #4 Holland
7pm #2 Australia v #3 Belgium

6pm Loser (1v4) v Loser (2v3) – 3rd/4th Place Game
7pm Winner (1v4) v Winner (2v3) – Championship Game

U19 Division

1 USA (3-0-1)
2 Blue (2-1-1)
3 Grey (0-4)

8pm #2 Blue v #3 Grey


8pm #1 USA v Winner (Blue v Grey)

REMINDER: We are at Worcester State University for the 15th and 22nd. The address is 486 Chandler Street, Worcester, MA 01602.

Please let us know if you have any questions!