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Coach's Notes

Bulletproofing your body: The Importance of Reducing Injury Risk

Time and time again, we hear about athletes from all levels, middle school all the way to the professional ranks, becoming injured or going to see a specialist because of some type of sports-related injury.  Countless times on ESPN, we hear about the star professional athlete going to see Dr. James Andrews for a 1st or 2nd opinion for a sports injury.

Injuries are a part of sports.  There is no magic potion or pill that can make someone resistant to injury.  According to the STOP (Sports Trauma and Overuse Prevention) Campaign, headed by world-renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, “overuse injuries are responsible for nearly half of all sports injuries to middle and high school students.”  There are some injuries that are not preventable while the chances of other types of injuries can be significantly reduced.

So, what can YOU, the athlete or parent, do to help reduce your chance of injury?

The first step is to get assessed.  This means finding a healthcare practitioner that understands the demands of your sport.  Then, by going through an in-depth, objective round of tests and measures, can help uncover any types of asymmetries or imbalances that could increase your injury risk.  Once the assessment has been completed, developing an individualized program based off your particular needs is crucial to help improve the areas that are deficient.

Day in and day out, professional athletes take care of their bodies.  They are doing the small, important steps behind the scenes to help their bodies function at the highest levels for their respective

competitions.  By taking the small, but important steps now, allows you to “put money in the bank” and help to make your body more resilient to physical stress and injury.

Joint Ventures Physical Therapy and Fitness has partnered with Cape Ann Field Hockey Club to help keep you moving and feeling well, on and off the field, and off the disabled list.

Our injury prevention assessment consists of running each player through a series of movements to assess if there are any imbalances or asymmetries present.  The assessment also looks at areas of mobility, stability, and motor control to ensure that each and every athlete is performing at the highest level.

Heading forward, Joint Ventures and Cape Ann will be working together to help keep each player on the field competing at the highest level.  By performing an injury assessment, this will allow each player to have an individualized program to help improve movement quality.  From there, this partnership will entail prescribing a comprehensive dynamic warm-up consisting of various movements to help prepare the body for the demands of the sport of field hockey.

By addressing imbalances and asymmetries prior to them potentially progressing to an injury, this can allow the athlete to continue functioning and playing at the highest level.

If you want the athlete in your family to receive a complimentary assessment, please reach out to Andrew Millett at

Call 617-536-1161 to setup your free injury screen today!