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Our Mission

Our Mission

CA FCH Logo_SHIELDCape Ann FHC has competitive teams for athletes in age groups U14, U16 & U19. The Cape Ann Coalition coaching staff is exceptional; they are dedicated and passionate about helping players achieve their potential. They were successful field hockey athletes who have brought that drive & passion to the sidelines.

Cape Ann FHC challenges players to work hard & to never rest on their accomplishments. Athletes wake up every day knowing that they need to push themselves to be better athletically & academically. All college opportunities begin with a strong academic profile; players that are strong students are smart field hockey players. We teach our athletes the importance of teamwork, camaraderie, leadership, honesty, fairness & competition. Great players are understated, humble & quiet; they standout because their skill, sportsmanship & team play are obvious to all who watch. 

Cape Ann FHC offers field hockey players opportunities to play competitively in the off-season; with intense fitness & practice sessions designed to improve stick skills, enhance field vision, & teach game strategy.

Team Expectations

Cape Ann FHC teams have similar expectations to most high school & college teams, we expect our players to be committed and to make every attempt to make all practices as well as participate in three to four tournaments a season. The players that succeed in our program recognize that their skill & athletic development is directly proportionate to the amount of time they practice and play.